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Shafts are a type of support component in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. It can be added to a weapon during blacksmithing.


Shafts can be used to craft the following items:

Might Finesse Sorcery

(*) - Shaft Required

Basic Shafts[]

Shaft Effect
Basic Bloodseeker's Shaft 15% Lifesteal 5
Basic Charged Shaft 4 Lightning Damage
3 Shocking/3
Basic Damaging Shaft 5 Physical Damage
Basic Executioner's Shaft +6% Damage vs. Humanoids
Basic Flamed Shaft 4 Fire Damage
3 Burning/5
Basic Frosted Shaft 4 Ice Damage
2 Freezing/2
Basic Pillager's Shaft +6% vs. Beasts
+6% vs. Constructs
Basic Slaughtering Shaft 5 Bleeding/5
Simple Shaft 3 Physical Damage

Improved Shafts[]

Shaft Effect
Improved Bloodseeker's Shaft 15% Chance to Steal 10 Health per Hit
Improved Butcher's Shaft +8% Damage vs. Kobolds and Murghan
Improved Charge Ward Trim +7% Lightning Resistance
Improved Charged Shaft 6 Lightning Damage
3 Shocking Damage over 4 seconds
Improved Damaging Shaft 7 Physical Damage
Improved Frost Ward Lining +7% Ice Resistance
Improved Illuminator's Shaft +8% vs. Niskaru
Improved Infected Shaft 9 Poison/5
Improved Piercing Shaft 6 Piercing Damage

Greater Shafts[]

Shaft Effect
Greater Bloodseeker's Shaft 15% Lifesteal 15
Greater Damaging Shaft 12 Physical Damage
Greater Flamed Shaft 13 Fire Damage
8 Burning/6
Greater Frosted Shaft 13 Ice Damage
6 Freezing/3
Greater Illuminator's Shaft +12% vs. Niskaru
Greater Infected Shaft 19 Poison/6
Greater Magnifying Shaft +5% Crit Chance
Greater Piercing Shaft 18 Piercing Damage
Greater Pillager's Shaft +12% vs. Beasts
+12% vs. Constructs
Greater Ravenous Shaft 15% Chance to Steal 15 Mana per Hit
Greater Sharpening Shaft +12% Critical Hit Damage
Greater Slaughtering Shaft 15 Bleeding Damage over 5 seconds

Master Shafts[]

Shaft Effect
Master Charged Shaft 21 Lightning Damage
10 Shocking/8
Master Flamed Shaft 21 Fire Damage
13 Burning Damage over 7 seconds
Master Frosted Shaft 21 Ice Damage
12 Freezing/5
Master Piercing Shaft 23 Piercing Damage
Master Ravenous Shaft 15% Chance to Steal 20 Mana per Hit
Master Sharpening Shaft +18% Critical Hit Damage

Flawless Shafts[]

Shaft Effect
Flawless Charged Shaft 30 Lightning Damage
15 Shocking/10
Flawless Damaging Shaft 30 Physical Damage
Flawless Executioner's Shaft +20% vs. Humanoids
Flawless Frosted Shaft 30 Ice Damage
18 Freezing/6
Flawless Flamed Shaft 30 Fire Damage
20 Burning/7
Flawless Illuminator's Shaft +20% vs. Niskaru
Flawless Infected Shaft 48 Poison/7
Flawless Magnifying Shaft +7% Critical Hit Chance
Flawless Pillager's Shaft +20% vs. Beasts
+20% vs. Constructs
Flawless Ravenous Shaft 15% Manasteal 25
Flawless Sharpening Shaft +25% Crit Damage
Flawless Slaughtering Shaft 25 Bleeding/5

Other Shafts[]

Shaft Effect

Additional Info[]

  • Shafts are always the first support component and are always required.