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You wish for a Gnomish spun sweet or a rare Fae blade-hilt. All these things must come to Rathir before they can be sold. I see to that.


Shalarein Forstid a Dokkalfar trader, is the mother of Walen Forstid. She is found directly after talking to him when you leave the Seafoam Tavern. If the Fateless One tell her Walen's plan to fake his own death she will give the player another kind of outcome for the quest: 'A Second to a Duel'.



You've been talking to my son. What is he up to? I already know about this foolish duel. There's something else, isn't there?

upon your first encounter with her.

Walen's mother. Mistress of Forstid Traders. Not a woman to stand by and watch her son stumble out of the frying pan and into the fire.

when asked: Who are you?

Wit a son like Walen, you learn quickly - and, in the end, this is all my fault. I should never have breathed a word to him about military service.

when asked: How did you know?

So that's it. I should have known... disgrace a war hero and slip out of Rathir. Well! I tell you what. Go on as you were, but give him the name of "Ravenswing" instead. I'll ship him right to Klurikon. A good shaking up, that's what he needs. When it's done, find me here. You'll be handsomely paid, I promise.

if chosen the response: He's faking his own death.

Remember - the Ravenswing. That's the vessel.
He has always been like this, reckless. He takes after his father. What that boy needs is time in the army.

when asked about Walen.

Walen's follies are indulgences of youth. Nothing a little discipline and service can't grind out of him.

when asked about Military Service.

Yes, one of our merchant ships. She sits empty for now. Soon, full of cheritable provisions for our troops in Klurikon.

when asked about the Ravenswing.

If decided to send Walen to the war-front:

You did the right thing. I know Klurikon is good for the boy. Now, here is your reward, as promised.
I think he'll learn the error of his ways this time. I'm sure he thought himself clever, as if I wouldn't find out.

when asked about Walen.

We don't pretend to the great houses - unlike certain families I might mention. But many luminaries have dined with us, all the same.

when asked about the Forstid Traders.

Don't you know? The Anwons are an ancient line. Though if what I have heard is true, it may be near its end. The Wyvyrn Gifres, on the other hand.... No one has anything to say against the Wyvyrins. But then, no one has anything to say to the Gifres.

when asked about the Great Houses.

When you look about, you see a city of grace and magic. What I see is this bought dear, that sold cheap, cornered markets, doors to profit.

when asked about the city of Rathir.

Good day.