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You've been asked by Avicenn Entelle, the lone survivor of a gnomish expeditionary force, to infiltrate Dellach and recover a dangerous set of artifacts -- called Shine and Shadow -- from an ettin brute, before he uses them to cause chaos.


Head into Dellach and take the shortcut leading to the Theatre of Fate visited during the main quest Into the Light. You do not need to enter the Theatre because the monster you are looking for has set his camp in the big chamber right before the Theatre's entrace. There, you will find an ettin brute named Kurtorix. According to Avicenn Entelle he is holding the artifacts called Shine and Shadow.

Kurtorix has the abilities and health of an ettin shaman, including their lighting powered club. Watch out for his powerful melee attacks and his ranged lightning attack. Try keeping a distance and kill him using the bow or approach him using stealth to make your fight easier. Also lightning and physical resistance potions and gems are useful. After defeating the brute loot his body and find the daggers named Shine and Shadow.

Return to Avicenn Etelle in Holnstead and you will be faced with three possible endings. With a successful persuasion check you can keep the daggers and will also receive a reward of 504 Gold. Selecting the "I did my job" dialogue option you will keep the daggers and instead of gold you will receive 607 exp. Choosing the "They may still be important" option will lead to a reward in Gold, but the daggers will be taken from your inventory.


  • Shine and Shadow (Weapon)
  • Level-dependant Gold OR XP (depends on your final choice with Avicenn Etelle when turning in the quest)
  • Various random items found on the corpse of the ettin brute and the nearby chest