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You should speak with Askel if you're here to shop. He won't even let me keep the books anymore, after my last mistake. I want to help him, but he won't let me near his ledgers!


Sigra Thorin is a varani healer and wife. She is married to Askel Thorin, the owner of Thorin's Apothecary.

As a healer, Sigra can restore your health and mana, cure diseases, and remove curses, all for a fee.



She can be found upstairs in Thorin's Apothecary in Ayten, within the Wolds.


Well, if you can undo my mistake, perhaps Askel will let me help him again! I sent out several invoices the other day. But I made a... slight arithmetic error that might cost us dearly! None of the customers seemed to have noticed yet - can you recollect those invoices... discretely?

upon your response: Anything I can do to help?

Oh, thank you. There's five invoices in total. Four went to the townsfolk. The last was to go to the Warsworn fortress - Helmgard - with a traveling merchant. When you have them all, bring them back to me. Oh, and don't mention this to Askel!

if chosen the response: I'll get them for you.

Askel is the owner of the shop and my husband. If you would like to make a purchase you should speak with him.

when asked about her husband,Askel Thorin.

Bandits and thieves that have been seen around The Wolds. They won't think twice of killing you for any valuables.

when asked about the Freemen.

That is the wasteland southeast of here. Long ago, it was a grand citadel, ruled over by the Aster family. It's since fallen to ruin. You'll find monsters there, amongst ancient treasure.

when asked about Tala-Rane.

The Wolds aren't much if you're looking for excitement - at least, not before the war turned those Freemen loose on us.

when asked about The Wolds.

Nice talking to you.
Good day, traveler.

After completion of the quest Strict Accounts:

Ah, thank you so much for your help with these. I'll have them reworked and redistributed. In return for your help, please have these. They're sure to be of use.

upon your return with the invoices.

Askel's letting me help with the business again! Thank you for getting those invoices to me!


Her surname may have been inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien's middle-earth dwarf character Thorin Oakenshield. The surname "Thorin" comes from Old English and/or Old Norse for "thorn".