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Me? I don't have much to tell. I followed my brother to sea after our parents died. I enjoyed being on the ship. There was a solace there, but the ports - I cared little for the crowds. I know Arhaus misses the ocean, but I love the solitude of the forest.


Sihtric Vorm runs Vorm Lodge with his brother, Arhaus. He is worried about a pack of brownies that have become particularly savage.



Welcome to our haven in the Sidhe. I am Sihtric Vorm. My brother, Arhaus, and I give assistance to any wayfarer that may need it. Hmm, you look a lot more... hearty... than the sort we typically get here. You might be able to help me.

upon your first meeting.

We've had several visitors from Detyre tell us that they were savagely ambushed by brownies. Unusual... Brownies of the Sidhe are not that aggressive. They mostly keep to themselves and only attack when approached. If there is indeed a group of brownies ambushing travelers, then those monsters need to be taken care of.

when asked: how can I help?

We lost our parents when I was young. And since then, he has always looked out for me. When he went to sea, I followed him. When he settled here, I did the same.

when asked about his brother, Arhaus Vorm.

My brother hired him, although I don't know why. Whenever there's work to do Gunnar seems to disappear.

when asked about Gunnar Frode.

A dangerous place to be sure, but I find its dark depths peaceful, the solitude a welcome change over the bustling ports of Rathir. But it's not without its lighter side. Just the other day I saw Arhaus go sprinting by with a brownie attached firmly to his ass. I've never laughed so hard.

when asked about The Sidhe.

It's a barren desert full of greedy miners and vicious bandits. Arhaus and I did our best to avoid it when we traveled here. I'd suggest you to do the same.

when asked about Detyre.

Arhaus found her outside one morning, barely alive, mumbling incoherently. From her ravings, Arhaus figured that she had been attacked by a thresh... Nasty creatures, those. Amazing that she made it so far after being so grievously wounded.

when asked about Luca Soren.

A thresh is a vicious Fae creature, a twisted spirit of the trees. You'll find them deep within the Sidhe. I steer clear of them and I suggest you do the same. But if you find yourself up against one, set in ablaze. They make a merry bonfire.

when asked about the Thresh.

Good hunting!

Once completed 'Aggressive Brownies' and 'Dangers of the Sidhe':

So, there was indeed a group of brownies attacking those on the trail to Detyre? Well, here is the reward I promised for taking care of them. Still, it is strange that brownies would act in such a way. I wonder...

upon your return.

I've heard of something that could make them act that aggressively, but it can't be here... We must go to Rundamir, it is the largest Brownie den in the Sidhe. I'm sure we will find the answer there.

when asked: what would make them do that?

Make sure you are prepared. Brownies may look weak but they are ferocious in large numbers. After you are ready, head south, Rundamir is a Fae Hollow on the edge of the Sidhe. I will meet you there.

if you accept the quest.

Hard to believe she came so close to death now that she's recovered so quickly. Arhaus has been showing her around the lodge and talking her ears off about his days as a sea captain. Funny... I've never seen Arhaus act like that around anyone before.

when asked about Luca Soren.

It is a Fae Hollow on the southern edge of the Sidhe. The brownies that inhabit it have never been more than a nuisance... until now.

when asked about Rundamir.

Good, you made it. It is as I feared: A crudok has made its lair at the bottom of this hollow. We will need to find it and kill it.

upon your meeting at Rundamir.

The crudok is sending the brownies of Rundamir out to collect corpses for it to feed on. That is the reason they have been ambushing wayfarers in the Sidhe. We must find it and destroy it.

when asked: a crudok?

Crudok are vile beasts, which feast on the flesh of the dead. For some reason brownies flock to the,, eager to act as soldiers, often bringing back kills so the crudok can feast. Be weary of crudok: Their spit is deadly.

when asked about the Crudok.

Be careful. The teeth of a brownie can leave a hideous scar.
It is done. With the Crudok dead, the brownies should cease their ambushes and the trail to Detyre will be safe again. Thank you for your help, I would not have been able to defeat the monster on my own.

once you have killed the Crudok.

Another time, then.

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