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This seems to be part of a journal kept by a silkfarmer of Webwood.


There are three parts of this journal.

Day 1[]

Garaner has us silkfarmers doing reports, now. Thinks that if we start collecting data about the silk harvests, we'll be able to better predict the harvests in later seasons. What, does he think we're gnomes or something? Sounds like one of them mining companies from out east. Well, I put my time in there, and I knew I'd rather spend my days avoiding becoming spider food than go back into those cramped tunnels.

Another thing I thought that was funny -- "later seasons?" There are no seasons in this wood. We just harvest every damn day, until the silk runs out or people stop buying it. Summer and winter, rain or shine -- as long as there's silk in the trees, it's harvest time.

I guess he can't complain, since his coffers always end up full. And, just so Garaner knows, harvesting's the same as it's always been. Nothing ever changes in the Webwood, even if you stop to write it all down.

Day 5[]

Got to wonder if Garaner has been praying a lot lately, because it seems the gods have been giving him everything he's wanted.

I don't know what happened, but it's like the trees are just dropping the silk into our baskets. One day, everything was normal - the webs were plentiful, but not any different from a usual day - and then the next day the trees were so covered in web you could barely see the bark. I asked Clarent and Vess - and none of us have ever seen the Webwood just like this.

There's more spiders, too. Must be where all the webs are coming from. At night, you can hear the spiders in the webs. There's more of them, lately, and they're chittering louder than usual. Must be where the silk's coming from, I guess. It's a bit eerie, but the spider's haven't given me too much trouble in the past, so I'm probably just upset over nothing.

Day 12[]

Lost another silkfarmer to the Webwood today, and I almost didn't go out this morning. Never knew the spiders to be so jumpy. Maybe we just got too complacent in the woods? I don't know. I've also never seen them come so close to the village. But with so many of us sick with poison, there's no one to harvest the silk, and so the price of it is going up. Garaner's paying triple for anyone who's willing to brave the forest of the silk. I can't say no to that kind of money. I just need to be quick, and I'll get out of it alive.

That's the secret.


  • There are three journals found throughout Webwood having the same name but occupy different slots and differ in their contents.
  • They each take up one inventory slot and, other than entertainment value, have none. They are not used in any quest.