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Silverback Trolls are a species of Trolls only encountered within the Teeth of Naros area. Their body is covered in silver ore, granting them enhanced protection from attacks.

Three exist in Teeth of Naros when free running, and respawn after 48 in-game hours. They have high chances of dropping Unique and Primal items, so it is considered a good unique hunting or blacksmithing strategy, considering you can sleep off the 48 hours, not to mention an easy way to gain XP.


  • Average HP:
  • Strength: Physical, Elemental
  • Weakness: Piercing
  • Attacks: Club Smash, Rock Scatter
  • Location: Teeth of Naros area
  • Difficulty: Medium - Hard


  • Requires the Teeth of Naros DLC
  • Silverback Trolls, as all types of Trolls, have a chance of dropping Unique or Set items when killed. Note that their loot is rolled when they're killed, not when they spawn in, allowing you to save before killing one in order to farm said pieces.


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