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Its icon shows a mask of Ethene in gold with eyes closed. Strangely, all five lorestones are titled "Confessions"; numbers have been added here for ease of use.


Confessions 1[]

I, Anokatos, make this record in penance for my disappointment of
the supreme goddess, Ethene, in hopes that I may return to her favor
So that I could help my people find her strength once more.
I have committed several acts that might have angered her
And now I purge myself of them so that I might find her grace again.

Confessions 2[]

I am afraid we have dishonored my master, Arkes.
He is a pious man who has always sought to serve,
And we used the power of his position
To force us on the true path, without his knowledge
Slavery, oppression, pain: all I used to mold them into what is deemed worthy.

Confessions 3[]

In this confession I shall tell of how my master was brought nearly to his death.
Arkes failed Ethene in our mission to bring her servants to a devout state
That would be worthy of her power and wisdom.
At my behest, he sought the Hyperian forced to the sky, and earn our recognition.
The ensuing eruption of Ethene's wrath killed many, and nearly took dear Arkes.

Confessions 4[]

I struggle to keep sweet Arkes alive so that I may find in him
The knowledge and power of the Primos, and in doing so
Can find the answer I needed to bring myself, my people to perfection,
To regain the good will of the great goddess.
Thank Ethene that my followers continue my work while I tend to my master.

Confessions 5[]

If only there were others akin to myself,
Holy ones who are resolute and hold tightly to their faith.
Or had I the means to create the people the gods truly wished for
So that we may finally raise the Hyperian and bring the befouled to their ends.
We would do for Ethene what she most certainly demands of the wretched.

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