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I am Sir Airmer, at your service. My oath-bond brother and knight hand, Creth, and I were the knights who returned the Flaming Sword of Rhyderk. I believe that there is no higher calling than the House of Ballads. We are all that stands between glory and complete anonymity.


Sir Airmer is one of the seven greatest heroes in the history of the Summer Fae. He is best known for his feat of defeating Nix the troll along with his close friend, Sir Creth, by challenging him to a gentleman's duel.

Like the rest of the current members of the House of Ballads, he is not the original hero. He is a Summer Fae who took up the mantle after the previous Sir Airmer retired or died, being the first in the group of candidates to finish the ballad of Sir Airmer.

The current Sir Airmer that the Fateless One encounters is in Sundur Caverns alongside his longtime friend, Sir Creth. He, unlike his companion, is very welcoming and finds it refreshing to have him along to help with Nix. He is very worried about Nix's latest actions and was very anxious until the Fateless One's arrival, as he was unsure how the fight with Nix would turn out, especially with the fact that Nix had last been seen with his master, the Maid of Windemere.

His ballad is known among the Fae as Two Knights and a Troll.


First met at the entrance along with Sir Creth in Sundur Caverns during the quest Two Knights and a Troll.



Well, well! You truly fit Hallam's description. It's nice to finally gaze upon the new Sagrell. I am Sir Airmer. This is my companion, Sir Creth. Welcome to Sundur Caverns. If you've come in search of the Maid of Windemere, I must disappoint you. She's nowhere to be found.
He is my shadow, always there when I need him, and his courage never falters. We are one. When ballads call for Sir Airmer, Sir Creth will be close behind.

when asked about Sir Creth.

It was the fabled blade used to beat back the bolgan during an incursion many seasons ago. Creth and I still argue over which of us the blade truly belonged to.

when asked about the Sword of Rhyderk.

You wish to know about the Storyteller? Ha. Not even I know the ballads of Hallam the White. his telling is the most secret of all, and he's worked hard to keep it so. That being said, I have complete trust in his judgments. Even about you.

when asked about Hallam the White.

Creth and I have fought Nix more times than I dare count. You could say he's an old friend. If you're interested in joining our little hunting party, feel free.
Eyes open, Sagrell. That sound, rats. That smell, trolls.
That wasn't so terrible now, was it? Still I'm baffled as to why Nix was outside Sundur Caverns. It was surely not to play his part in the coming ballad. There is more going on here than Creth and I are party to, and I want to know what. We'll speak again back at the House of Ballads. And Sagrell, thank you. These are times of change, and we all must be on our guard.

after defeating Nix the Troll.

During 'The Champions' quest:

Look who it is, Sir Creth. Hallam the White has sent his right hand to tear at our lady's good name. You are interrupting a duel for the ages. There can only be one Windemere Champion, and it shall be me. Of course, Creth has never been one to concede gracefully.
The pawns of Hallam only wish to harm our mistress, and they will feel the sting of our blades. Do not count yourself among them. That would be unwise.

when asked about the House of Ballads (while being captive by the Maid's illusion).

She is the only one who deserves our worship, the only one willing to stand against the Telling and fight for her own ambition. She is glorious.

when asked about the Maid of Windemere (while being captive by the Maid's illusion.)

It is I, but in truth I've discovered a greater calling, a purpose that will never fade. I fight for the maid now, and she whispers her love to me.

when asked about himself (while being captive by the Maid's illusion).

Need our armor? Is this a jest? You will never impress the Maid. She is only interested in true knights of the realm. Perhaps you can help us choose, Sagrell. Creth and I were just fighting over who should be the Maid's true Champion. Unless you believe yourself worthy of such an honor. Then, by all means, challenge one of us to a duel. The prize: your sought after armor.

when you tell him that you need his armor.

We honor this field of battle in the name of the Maid, who can have but one Champion - only one defender of Windemere, and one worthy of her love. Creth thinks it is he who she desires, but he is wrong. He is always wrong.

when asked: why are you fighting? (while being captive by the Maid's illusion).

There can only be one defender of Windemere. As Sir Elswin was no longer worthy, Creth and I dispatched him hastily and in a manner befitting one of his service.

when asked: where is the Champion? (while being captive by the Maid's illusion).

You may win more than just my armor, Sagrell. You will know that you are truly the victor, for Airmer is the greatest knight ever to raise a sword in the Maid's name.

when asked: why if I choose you? (while being captive by the Maid's illusion).

What? Where is the Court? How have I come to be here? Why does it feel as though I've just woken from a waking dream? You mentioned something about armor. Please, take these robes, if you must.

once you set him free from the Maid's curse (succeeding in dispelling attempt).

I am so confused, Sagrell. One moment I was in the Court of Enchantments and the next I was here, in this strange green place.
I don't know what to think. The Maid's power is extraordinary, much more potent than I've ever seen.
Yes, I remember something about the House of Ballads. There was talk of a troll, perhaps, I wish I could remember.

when asked about the House of Ballads.

It's the witch that did this to me! I am Airmer! I retrieved the Sword of Rhyderk! I defeated Nix! Did any of that even happen, or was it all just a dream? I don't know anymore.

when asked about the Maid of Windemere.

Once completed 'The Hero and the Maid' (if you stayed true to the House):

Wencen's departure is odd, yes, but it is clear that he has been bested by one of greater skill, one better suited to the Telling. I serve you now, Sagrell. Or should I say, your grace?

upon your meeting at the House of Ballads.

He will serve you well, but even Hallam knows that a mortal in the House of Ballads is an oddity, an omen. And no one knows omens like Hallam.

when asked about Hallam the White.

Beautiful, she was, like a shadow across the surface of a frozen lake. She always wished to escape her doomed role, and perhaps now she has truly gotten her wish.

when asked about the Maid of Windemere.

My liege, I will do what I have always done, and that is to serve the Summer Court by reveling in the telling of the House of Ballads. I know nothing else.

when asked about himself.

He will always be with me, especially after the events in Windemere. When I fight, he fights. That is the way of the Telling.

when asked about Sir Creth.