Sir Farrara
Basic Info
Race Summer Fae
Gender Male
Class Warrior
Faction House of Ballads
Rank Knight

Sir Farrara is an NPC in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.

Description[edit | edit source]

I am Duke of the Cursed Fomorians, Slayer of Pombero, and Protector of the Mabinogi. But you may call me brother. I have fought with the lords and ladies of the Court of Enchantments for three seasons. My skills with the blade, and in bed, know no equal.

Details[edit | edit source]

Sir Farrara is one of the seven greatest heroes in the history of the Summer Fae. He is best known for his feat of defeating Bloody Bones and saving the maiden he had taken hostage. He died during the battle, but was revived by Sir Sagrell, becoming very close friends with him.

Like the rest of the current members of the House of Ballads, he is not the original. He is a Summer Fae who took up the mantle after the previous Sir Farrara retired or died, being the first in the group of candidates to finish the ballad of Lord Farrara.

The first time the Fateless One meets Sir Farrara is during the quest Ballad of Bloody Bones, where his role is to assist Sir Farrara in battle against Bloody Bones and revive him afterwards.

His ballad is known among the Fae as The Bloody Bones.

Location[edit | edit source]

Sir Farrara first meets the Fateless One in Uduath, the lair of Bloody Bones.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

A mortal? Is this Wencen's idea of humor? Well, you look hardy enough. Won't botch the tale of Bloody Bones too badly. I suppose. Still, I'm curious as to how Hallam expects you to bring me back from the edge of the Great Cycle, but that's his problem, not mine.
Let me be truthful with you, dustling. I've never seen Bloody Bones act so... erratically. He cares nothing for the story! As if he craves a different outcome. Instead of sporting away a young mortal maiden, he took an entire camp! Men, women, children. It's mad, and certainly not part of the tale. And I thought this ballad couldn't get any worse, considering my impending demise. Well. Let's get this over with, shall we?
I've always known my place has been among the heroes of the Court. What other outcome could there be for one so deserving of adoration?

when asked about the Court of Enchantments

A close companion, he was, a true brother in your mortal understanding of the word. I trusted him, I had to, as he played such a vital role in my most memorable song. Is there any other way to view the warrior who saves your life time and again?

when asked about Sir Sagrell.

You dustlings have a similar concept. I believe you call it Death. But there is no elegance in your mortality, no poetry. Those of my kind perish, only to have their magic pass on into the Great Cycle, where it returns in kind reborn into a world that welcomes such new beginnings.

when asked about the Great Cycle.

They are Almain, settlers from the west searching for a place to plant their flag. Poor creatures. I've never seen such terrible luck. Camped just outside Uduath, right in Bloody Bones' warpath. Better they had cut their own throats. A kinder fate.

when asked about Bloody's Prisoners.

The kidnapped mortals have been here for days. Their condition worsens. If they're still alive at all.
Well done, Sagrell. You have proven yourself worthy of the name. Hallam's trust in you was not misguided. I don't know what to make of Bloody's tale, but it has the ring of truth in it. We must return to Wencen and tell him what we've learned here in Uduath.

once you have dealt with Bloody Bones.

The king has returned to the House of Ballads, and this news must not wait. Come, Sagrell.

During 'The Hero and the Maid':

Sagrell, you've come at last. It's time to cross swords with one worthy of your talents. You have caused the Maid much grief, and that saddens me. Luckily, your death will provide her much pleasure.

upon your meeting at Castle Windemere (while being captive by the Maid's illusion).

I've seen the world as it could be, a realm where I can be what I choose, go where I choose. The Maid has enchanted me with the truth.

when asked: What has happened to you? (while being captive by the Maid's illusion).

I... I remember. When she came, appearing before my eyes in a light like dawn. What have I done?

once you set him free from the Maid's curse (succeeding in dispelling attempt).

I don't know what became of the others, of Airmer and Creth. To think that all of my grand companions have fallen pray to that witch...

when asked about the Court of Enchantments.

Is there anything left of it after this travesty? I do not know. Whatever remains is not what came before. It is, dare I say, "new".

when asked about the House of Ballads.

A vile thing, she is, even lower than I had dreamed. To distort the Telling in so reckless a manner, it is unnatural.

when asked about the Maid of Windemere.

I remember nothing but a voice. Her voice.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Ellova followed Farrara and joined the Ballads because of her love for him, but it was a forbidden love. This may be implying either her love was unrequited, or a romantic relationship that never developed further due to his position.

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