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The Siren's Den is a natural cave and the lair of an Ancient Leanashe, the Siren. It is also inhabited by Murghan and Banshaen, Boggarts, and Giant Rats.


The Den is a cave that splits into two corridors just past the entrance. The two corridors meet deep into the cave and form a loop, with two small chambers attached to the main path.

The name of this cave comes from the Siren, an Ancient Leanashe that made this place her lair. She resides in the deepest part of the cave.


The Siren's Den can be found in the south of the Northern Coast area of Gallows End.


  • The corpse of Scholar Ares Helvern can be found in the right passage on a small rise, and a letter addressed to his wife Nette offers some additional information about Padrig Dower's revelations regarding Gravehal Keep.
  • One of the Jawbone map fragments can be found in the northernmost chest. It is needed for the Scattered Fragments quest.
  • Also one of the Ancient Dvergan Text can be found on Skeleton in eastern part of Siren's Den.