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Skill Book (Dispelling) is in a Fae cache on the top floor of Ballads Library located in the pass between Haxhi and Webwood. Requires Ballads Signet Ring from the House of Ballads quest line.

Book text[]


The threads of Fate bring with the power of Lyria herself, and one such magic, that of warding, is closely attuned to our goddess. To ward an object is to grace the thing with a beauty and magnificence. Here glyphs are the seals of power: the soft curve of a line, the magnificent artistry of form visible in the vortexes of the spell. It moves with the grace and ease of water, the swiftness of the wind, and in the pattern of the Great Cycle itself.

If warding is a gift of beauty unto a thing, then Dispelling is the collection of this beauty unto oneself. To tap the glyphs of Fate is to subsume that magic in a display of arcane command. The simplest of wards carry direct, and steady, if mundane glyphs. Their connection to the Arcane Veil is severed easily; they are but single strands of decorative fabric in the weave of Fate. The greater wards, however, include the more exceptional glyphs, that are interwoven with each-other in an exquisite array. These delicate strands of Fate cannot be separated from the weave for long, and so the harnessing of these glyphs must be exercised as smoothly and swiftly as the wards themselves.

As the elegance of our goddess is captured in the ethereal glyphs, so too is the indelicate nature of our mortality captured in the dark sigils of our wards. No human or Alfar, gnome or giant, may leave wield the power of magic without the tarnish of their mundanity. The markings left behind are often dark sigils, and serve as a reminder to all who would covet Lyria's majesty.