Skillful Defense
Basic Info
Class Might
Prerequisites None
Tier 1
Levels 5 (+2)
Type Passive
Your masterful use of shields greatly increases your damage resistance while blocking. At the highest level, you unlock a special Shield Bash move. 


Skillful Defense is a Might-based ability increasing the character's skill with a shield. At the highest level, Shield Bash is unlocked.


This ability has five levels. Two more can be reached through ability bonuses.

Level Damage Mitigation while blocking
1 +10%
2 +15%
3 +20%
4 +25%
5 +30%
6 +35%
7 +40%

Shield BashEdit

Hold Int-moves-icon
While blocking, press Interact to charge forwards and slam an enemy with your shield. This deals minor damage and interrupts the target. You can hold down the button to charge the bash, resulting in a longer move forwards and more damage.

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