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It's called that because the white pattern on its blue petals look like clouds in the sky on a summer day. Yeah, that sounds right...

Oleander Sinclair, when asked about Sky Blossoms during Knowledge Lost.


An unassuming pale blue wildflower, Sky Blossom's roots reach very deep into the earth. The petals of the flower can lend the essence of Extraction to a potion, making it useful for concocting potions that combine very disparate elements.


Sky Blossom is a reagent used to create skill-increasing potions. Its property is extraction.

Consuming Sky Blossom by itself provides the following effects:

  • 20% Chance to Steal 10 Mana per Hit


Sky Blossom can be used to create the following potions:

Alchemy Blacksmithing Detect Hidden
Minor Alchemist's Art Minor Blacksmith's Craft Minor Tracker's Draught
Greater Alchemist's Art Greater Blacksmith's Craft Greater Tracker's Draught
Master Alchemist's Art Master Blacksmith's Craft Master Tracker's Draught
Dispelling Lockpicking Mercantile
Minor Dispelling Boost Minor Thief's Cunning Minor Merchant's Command
Greater Dispelling Boost Greater Thief's Cunning Greater Merchant's Command
Master Dispelling Boost Master Thief's Cunning Master Merchant's Command
Persuasion Sagecraft Stealth
Minor Social Grace Minor Jeweled Shilelagh Minor Assassin's Evasion
Greater Social Grace Greater Jeweled Shilelagh Greater Assassin's Evasion
Master Social Grace Master Jeweled Shilelagh Master Assassin's Evasion

This reagent is also used in:


Sky Blossom can be harvested, purchased, or found as loot.


The following merchants sell this reagent:


Map Locations include:


The following monsters may drop this reagent:

  • Venomspitter
  • Giant Spider
  • Thresh

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