Something Borrowed
Something borrowed.png
Quest Giver Crilgarin
Location Star Camp
Prerequisite Jailbreak
Next Quest Going Rogue
Faction Travelers
Type Faction

Something Borrowed is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.

Background[edit | edit source]

After completing a number of tasks in Star Camp, Crilgarin has sent on to Moon Camp, the Travelers' base in the Plains of Erathell. I'm to see if the camp's leader, Irion Tal has any work for me to perform there.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Speak to Irion[edit | edit source]

Walk to Moon Camp and talk to Irion.

Pray at the Hierophant Shrine[edit | edit source]

Irion is too distraught at the recent departure of his co-leader (also wife), Maire Ganan, to bother with my assignment for now. He has sent me to Moon Camp's Hieorphant Shrine to pray for guidance from the Hierophant.

Pray at the Hierophant shrine that is in the main area, you can't miss it.

Steal the Items[edit | edit source]

It is the signet ring of the Wyvyrn-Gifres, one of the Great Houses of Rathir. The patriarch, Ebsol, is a social man. You will have to take the ring from him away from prying eyes.

The Chalice of Forced Vintage is said to take any liquid poured into it and transform it into fine wine. It is currently in possession of a peddler named Veinrich, in Rathir's Seafoam Tavern. Relieve it of him.

The Cowl of the Maiden is a ceremonial cowl belonging to the Temple of Lyria. It is only worn on solemn occasions of the lunar eclipse.

I've received an ordination from the Hierophant to steal three items from the nearby city of Rathir: the Chalice of Forced Vintage, from a Peddler in the Seafoam Tavern, the Wyvyrn Gifre Signet Ring from the Wyvyrn-Gifre Great House, and the Cowl of the Maiden from the Temple of Lyria. I've been told that I might meet Maire Ganan along the way.

For this part of the quest we're going to have to travel to Rathir. When you leave the Moon Camp, the entrance to Rathir will be directly to the north. Proceed into the city. The Wyvyrn-Gifre Signet Ring and Chalice of Forced Vintage are like any "Steal X Item" quest. Make sure that the Red Eye Meter is off, and you're free to take what you want.

To retrieve the Cowl of the Maiden, you can take one of multiple routes. Your first option is to create a Minor Phasewalk potion and pickpocket Maire (see Potions). However this would mean skipping some dialogue options with both Maire and Irion. Your alternative is to talk to her and delve deeper into her background and interactions with Irion.  You can Persuade her to give you the Cowl and go back to Moon Camp (and Irion).

To retrieve the Wyvyrn-Gifre Signet Ring follow Ebsol until he stops to kneel and pray. Once he is kneeling stealth and stand behind him (far enough behind him to NOT trigger the pick pocket option). Allow ALL NPCs to pass by. Quickly move forward and pick pocket without committing any crimes. Or you can wait until he goes to sleep and stealth, wait for the guards to not notice you, then pickpocket him.

You can also do any of the above parts of the quest at about 3 am when they are in bed asleep and pick pocket the items off of them then.

However you get the three(3) items, return to Irion Tal to finish this quest (No XP or Gold, but if you Persuaded Maire to come back to Irion, he will give you Irion's Wedding Band - a nonmagical ring) and start Going Rogue.

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