Sorcery is one of the three ability trees in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, the other ones being Might and Finesse.

In terms of weapons, Sorcery governs the staff, the chakrams, and the sceptre. New moves for these weapons can be unlocked with the Arcane Weaponry abilities, and their damage can be increased with the respective weapon masteries.

The right side of the Sorcery tree contains three lines of offensive spells with the elements fire, lightning, and ice. Other than these, the tree provides several utilities, like the healing spell Healing Surge, the summoning spell Summon Faer Gorta, and the defensive Sphere of Protection.

Sorcery ability tree (Info)
Points required Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4 Column 5 Column 6 Column 7
Tier 6
70 Sorcery
Ab-SphereOfRetribution Sphere of Retribution (5/7) Ab-act-Meteor Meteor (5/7) Ab-WintersEmbrace Winter's Embrace (5/7)
Tier 5
50 Sorcery
Ab-pas-ArcaneWeaponry Arcane Weaponry IV (3) Ab-MasterfulConstruction Masterful Construction (5/7) Ab-act-ElementalRage Elemental Rage (5/7) Ab-act-Tempest Tempest (5/7)
Tier 4
35 Sorcery
Ab-pas-ArcaneWeaponry Arcane Weaponry III (3) Ab-Transference Transference (5/7) Ab-SphereOfReprisal Sphere of Reprisal (5/7) Ab-Smolder Smolder (5/7) Ab-Frostshackle Frostshackle (5/7)
Tier 3
20 Sorcery
Ab-act-SummonFaerGorta Summon Faer Gorta (6/8) Ab-act-HealingSurge Healing Surge (5/7) Ab-ChainLightning Chain Lightning (5/7) Ab-act-IceBarrage Ice Barrage (5/7)
Tier 2
5 Sorcery
Ab-pas-ArcaneWeaponry Arcane Weaponry II (3) Ab-pas-ChakramMastery Chakram Mastery (6/8) Ab-act-SphereOfProtection Sphere of Protection (6/8) Ab-act-MarkOfFlame Mark of Flame (5/7) Ab-pas-ConservativeCasting Conservative Casting (5/7)
Tier 1
0 Sorcery
Ab-pas-ArcaneWeaponry Arcane Weaponry I (3) Ab-pas-SceptreMastery Sceptre Mastery (6/8) Ab-pas-StaffMastery Staff Mastery (6/8) Ab-act-StormBolt Storm Bolt (6/8)


It is worth noting that almost all abilities' levels can be increased beyond their normal capacity by 1 or 2 levels through the use of equipment which bear "+1/2 to Sorcery Abilities" bonuses and certain Twists of Fate cards to further enhance their states. For an easier time identifying such bonuses, check out Ability Bonuses.

Column 1Edit

Ab-pas-ArcaneWeaponry Arcane Weaponry IEdit

[Weapon Attacks] 3 Levels

Unlocks Charge special attacks for the Staff and Chakrams.

  • Staff: Charged Entropy - Charges the Staff before slamming it into the ground and releasing a radial AoE attack, can be quick charged (1 flash) for short range or held (2 flashes) for longer range and more damage.
  • Chakrams: Maelstrom - Charges the Chakrams then releases them to orbit the character in an increasing radius AoE attack, can be quick charged (1 flash) for short range or held (2 flashes) for longer range and more damage.

Ab-pas-ArcaneWeaponry Arcane Weaponry IIEdit

[Weapon Attacks] 3 Levels

Unlocks special attacks from Block for the Staff and Sceptre.

  • Staff: Mage's Vortex - Press Attack while holding Block to summon a small tornado at the feet of enemies in front of you while you take a spinning step backwards.
  • Sceptre: Warding Blast - Press Attack while holding Block to perform a Sceptre blast followed by a short ranged "shielding" attack while stepping forward slightly.

Ab-pas-ArcaneWeaponry Arcane Weaponry IIIEdit

[Weapon Attacks] 3 Levels

Unlocks Delayed special attacks for the Staff and Chakrams.

  • Staff: Arcane Fury - Press Attack -> Pause -> Attack to perform a 2-part attack that launches enemies into the air and away from you.
  • Chakrams: Elemental Escape - Press Attack -> Pause -> Attack to attack an enemy with both Chakrams then launch them into the ground at the enemy's feet, blasting them backwards while you jump away.

Ab-pas-ArcaneWeaponry Arcane Weaponry IVEdit

[Weapon Attacks] 3 Levels

Unlocks Dodge attacks for the Chakrams.

  • Chakrams: Orbit Blades - Press Attack while Dodging/Rolling to launch an enemy into the air and send your Chakrams to spiral into them for aerial punishment.

Column 2Edit

Ab-pas-SceptreMastery Sceptre MasteryEdit

[Passive] 6 Levels

Long hours of study and practice enable you to wield Sceptres very effectively.

Adds Physical Damage to Sceptres and an overall Sceptre damage boost.

Ab-pas-ChakramMastery Chakram MasteryEdit

[Passive] 6 Levels

Your unique mix of arcane and martial talent enables you to deal incredible damage with Chakrams.

Adds Physical Damage to Chakrams and an overall Chakram damage boost.

Ab-act-SummonFaerGorta Summon Faer GortaEdit

[Active] 6 Levels

Use magic to rapidly construct a Faer Gorta who will fight by your side. Summon last 120 seconds.

Ab-Transference TransferenceEdit

[Upgrade] 5 Levels

Causes the attacks of a summoned Faer Gorta to siphon health from enemies and return it to you.

Ab-MasterfulConstruction Masterful ConstructionEdit

[Upgrade] 5 Levels

Your summoned Faer Gorta swings for more hits in its attack chain, and gains a chance to critical.

Column 3Edit

Ab-pas-StaffMastery Staff MasteryEdit

[Passive] 6 Levels

You've learned to channel incredible amounts of energy through your Staff, increasing its damage output considerably.

Adds Physical Damage to Staves and an overall Staff damage boost.

Ab-act-HealingSurge Healing SurgeEdit

[Active] 5 Levels

Your magic knits together flesh and bone, healing your wounds. Holding the button longer restores more health.

Ab-act-ElementalRage Elemental RageEdit

[Active] 5 Levels

Combine the mystic elements of Fire, Lightning, and Ice into a devastating chain of attacks.

Column 4Edit

Ab-act-SphereOfProtection Sphere of ProtectionEdit

[Active - Sustained] 6 Levels

While active, Sphere of Protection creates a magical barrier that blocks a percentage of damage from each incoming attack. Sustained Cost: 30% Mana

Ab-SphereOfReprisal Sphere of ReprisalEdit

[Upgrade] 5 Levels

While Sphere of Protection is active, ethereal orbs are created around you which deal damage to enemies they hit.

Ab-SphereOfRetribution Sphere of RetributionEdit

[Upgrade] 5 Levels

Sphere of Protection gains the power to fire off deadly ethereal splinters when enemies draw near.

Column 5Edit

Ab-act-MarkOfFlame Mark of FlameEdit

[Active] 5 Levels

Tap the button to tag your targets with a magical Mark. Press and hold the button to detonate all Marked enemies with a fiery explosion.

Ab-Smolder SmolderEdit

[Passive] 5 Levels

Your mastery over the power of fire allows you to increase the effectiveness of all Burning effects, as well as the damage done by Mark of Flame.

Ab-act-Meteor MeteorEdit

[Active] 5 Levels

Calls forth a meteor from the skies, dealing massive damage to the area before you.

Column 6Edit

Ab-act-StormBolt Storm BoltEdit

[Active] 6 Levels

Launch a burst of electrical energy which deals Lightning and Shocking Damage. At higher levels, it can Stun enemies. At level 4, Storm Bolt gains a Shocking Damage AoE on impact.

Ab-ChainLightning Chain LightningEdit

[Passive] 5 Levels

Increases the Storm Bolt damage, and causes Shocking Damage to bounce between your enemies more frequently.

Ab-act-Tempest TempestEdit

[Upgrade] 5 Levels

Hold the button for Storm Bolt to summon forth lightning from the heavens, smiting all nearby foes.

Column 7Edit

Ab-pas-ConservativeCasting Conservative CastingEdit

[Passive] 5 Levels

Having unlocked countless arcane secrets, you are able to power your Abilities with far less Mana.

Ab-act-IceBarrage Ice BarrageEdit

[Active] 5 Levels

Sends a scattered blast of ice shards into the air to crash down upon your foes, dealing Ice and Freezing Damage.

Ab-Frostshackle FrostshackleEdit

[Passive] 5 Levels

Your knowledge of eldritch frost allows you to extend the duration of all Freezing effects, slowing enemies down for a longer time. Also increases the damage caused by Ice Barrage.

Ab-WintersEmbrace Winter's EmbraceEdit

[Upgrade] 5 Levels

Hold the button for Ice Barrage to launch a persistent cloud of ice shards which lasts for a duration. Enemies in the blizzard suffer periodic Ice, Piercing, and Freezing Damage.


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