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On my journey through the Caeled Coast, I met a soldier named Private Cornall. He told me about the Southern Lights.


  • In the utmost western part of the Caeled Coast, you can find Private Cornall.  Talk to him and ask him about the Southern lights.  He will tell you that some believe the lights were created by Braxis, the personal mage of Lord Gastyr, to give hints to hidden treasure.
    • Since there's no entry in your quest log (at all - This is an unmarked quest/task), maybe you can go straight to Gastyr castle and start the mission right away.
  • Go to Castle Gastyr, walk past the shrine there to stand on the cliff, looking north (!).  The first light beam should be behind a stone arc on the other side of the river.
    • They appear at anytime but are harder to spot during daytime.
  • Stepping into the beam causes the beam to vanish and the next one appears.
  • Follow the beams, they will lead you to a hidden door in the east of Caeled Coast.  Kill the Murghan and loot the chest (which will appear only after you have followed the lights to said location - the chest is unlocked and it does not appear on your minimap, even with 10 skill points in Detect Hidden) to complete the mission (you receive neither XP nor Gold for this quest/task, as it is unmarked).


  • Even tough Cornall calls the lights "gorgeous", they only consist in a yellowish beam coming from above.
  • You can also find that hidden door if you "Detect Hidden" skill is high enough so you have hidden doors marked on your map. If you already found the hidden door, the lights will lead you nonetheless.
  • The light beam continue after the hidden door and appear on the other side of nearby bridge followed by another 3 beams until you reach the tower on the coast beside the lorestone. After this point a contributor reported that they couldn't do anything further. (confirmed on Xbox)
  • Also, the said chest is appears at the location regardless of whether you follow the light beams or not. (the chest is known not to show on the map) (also confirmed on Xbox)