Sphere of Reprisal
Basic Info
Class Sorcery
  • 20 points in Sorcery
  • Sphere of Protection
    Tier 3
    Levels 5 (+2)
    Type Upgrade
    While Sphere of Protection is active, ethereal orbs are created around you which deal damage to enemies they hit.

    Summary[edit | edit source]

    Sphere of Reprisal is a Sorcery-based ability that, when Sphere of Protection is cast, also creates small orbs that deal damage when they hit enemies. These small orbs will respawn a short time after hitting enemies.

    Levels[edit | edit source]

    There are five levels of this ability. Two more levels may be unlocked via ability bonuses.

    Level Physical Damage per projectile Projectiles
    1 50 2
    2 55 2
    3 60 2
    4 65 4
    5 70 4
    6 75 4
    7 80 4

    Related abilities[edit | edit source]

    Bugs[edit | edit source]

    Sphere of reprisal and its upgrade, sphere of Retribution, will cease to generate orbs and thus function if the player enters dialogue or a cut-scene. This can be fixed by toggling Sphere of protection on and off or going through any loading area.

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