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Splinters of Fate are copies of you created to harass and weaken you by Tirnoch, though in Reckoning you use them as a weapon against her. They take the gender of the Fateless One.

Three kinds of Splinters of Fate exist:


Sorcery-associated Splinters of Fate are the only enemy seen in-game to use Chakrams, notably the Maelstrom and Elemental Escape moves. They also occasionally use the Scepter charge attack, immediately following it with a Storm Bolt which will not stun the player.


Might-associated Splinters of Fate wield Longswords sized as Greatswords, occasionally use a Hammer, and use the Harpoon and Shield Bash. The Splinter of Fate's Harpoon ability does not move either the caster or the target.


Finesse-associated Splinters of Fate wield Daggers and use Lunge and Smoke Bomb. While a Splinter of Fate that uses Smoke Bomb will be invisible, it will still appear on the minimap if the Fateless One has invested in Detect hidden