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St. Eadric's is one of the three missions founded in Dalentarth dedicated to the worship of Mitharu. Its patron saint, Eadric, is interred in the mission's chapel. St. Eadric's is right at the edge of the Sidhe, and so is more isolated from Almain settlements than the other missions. It is the closest Almain settlement to the Summer Fae capital of Ysa. St. Eadric taught that the study of nature was a way of honouring Mitharu, and so the mission dedicated to him is very involved with the study of the local flora and fauna. The mission's superior, Father Etair, has a good working relationship with members of the House of Ballads, and helped Hallam the White develop the Echostones.


The mission is inside a walled enclosure, and has a shrine to Mitharu at its centre, surrounded by gardens in which many plant-based reagents grow. There is a chapel containing the tomb of St. Eadric and used for regular worship by the monks. There is also a bunkhouse used as the monks residence, which also has facilities for alchemical study. There is a well in the north-western corner of the mission which houses a concealed entrance to a cavern.


The Mission is right on the border of the Sidhe, next to the intersection between roads leading west through Haxhi and north into Lorca-Rane.


The following NPCs can be found here.


Several things of note can be found in this settlement:


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The following items found here can be looted:

  • Locked Chest (Average) x 1
  • Locked Chest (Hard) x 1
  • Hidden Well Cache (Hidden Treasure) x 1
  • Hollow Log (Hidden Treasure) x 1


The following reagents can be harvested here:


The following shrines can be found here: