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Ysa blacksmith Brit Codgan has asked that Fateless One helps locate components for, and help forge, his Honor Brands - a counterfeit Faeblade. He has offered to pay for each Ysa Honor Brand that is returned to him.

To complete this quest, the Fateless One will need to craft Ysa Honor Brand Faeblades and give them to Brit Codgan. The components related to this quest are:

These can be found all around Ysa in various chests and by pick-pocketing the locals. Only the Ysa Honor Brand Blades are necessary to use as the core component, and he will accept any other mix of components. However it is advised not to use non-quest components on these weapons as the reward is still the same.

After about 4-5 he will say that the demand for the weapons has fallen and the quest will finish. The reward is a few hundred gold per Faeblade and some mid-tier crafting components upon completion of the quest.


  • Brit Codgan should have some Faeblades himself so the player can save time by simply pick-pocketing him.
  • The bindings component is not used to craft Faeblades and is therefore useless.
  • Using all three Ysa Honor Brand components to craft the weapon will result in Brit commenting that the Fateless One shouldn't "create items of actual worth".
  • Looting the Ysa Fae Caches are considered theft, but with a 0% chance of detection on MOST as denoted by the red stealing hand and the number by the items. Therefore, feel free to go wild taking everything in sight. Only the Fae Caches in the United Merchant Delegation and the Embassy Hall begin with a 99% detection rate.