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I am no one of consequence, something the guards in Whitestone fail to realize. However, if you asked my father he'd take my side. I'm a complete disappointment.


Steg Darkvari gave up his life in the Darkvari Family for a life with his beloved, Hrindi Zungar. The Fateless One first encounters him as a prisoner in the cage in the middle of Whitestone, his crime: being a Darkvari, no matter how harmless.

However, he soon explains that he's abandoned the infamous lifestyle associated with his name in favor of running away with Hrindi Zungar, who too has forsaken all that her name entails.

Unfortunately for Steg, it is revealed along the course of the quest Runaways that the love is one-sided: Steg is being used by Hrindi as a means to escape the Apotyre wasteland and the life her family name ensured for her if she stuck around there.


Steg is first found in the center of Whitestone, imprisoned in a cage. By the end of his quest, he will have run off, alone, to Adessa, and can be found near the mine and about town.


  • Steg Darkvari is one of the main NPCs in the quest "Runaways".


Steg Darkvari is obvious reference to Sten (Qunari) - Dragon Age Origins character, whom player also sees caged on the village square at first meeting.

Even after the quest Runaways is completed, and he is free and clear of Whitestone, Steg's dialogue options yield no change. Only his greetings change to those of thanks.


You mean Bone Town? Not my favorite place in the world, if you couldn't tell. If the heat doesn't kill you, the guards might.

when asked about Whitestone

They're not as bad as some think, but worse than you'd imagine. I have the scars to prove it, unfortunately.

when asked about the Zungars

After the quest "Runaways" is completed:

Apotyre? I hardly remember it. Now Adessa, this is where one can build a life. There's so much opportunity for both finding a life, and for finding love.
I won't ever forget what you did, how you gave me a second chance. I just hope I live up to your noble act and do something useful for a change.