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I'm with an outfit known as Motus Mining. We mostly operate out of Detyre, but I'm in Dalentarth surveying the forest for new lodes to work.


Stellan Reitan is a gnomish surveyor found near Splitrock Depths. He and his partner Despero were sent by the Motus Mining corporation to survey Dalentarth for minerals.

He gives you the quest in which the player must retrieve his journal from Despero's corpse.


Haxhi - Southwest of Splitrock Depths.


The Height of Crime


I'm afraid you've caught me at a bad time, friend. The famed hospitality of the Gnomes may be missing today. You see, I am in distress. I lent my journal to a fellow surveyor to record information from the Splitrock Depths. His name is Horace Despero. He ventured into the caves, but never returned.
A fellow surveyor, from the mining company back east. He went into Splitrock Depths with my journal to record new findings, and hasn't been back since.

when asked about Horace Despero.

Motus is a large gnomish mining company to the east. It profits by selling the resources that it mines. Surveyors, like me, who work for Motus go out into the field and record any pertinent data they find.

when asked about Motus Mining.

I've heard tales of a malevolent spirit that was trapped within the cavern decades ago. Those who venture in are said never to be seen again.

when asked about Splitrock Depths.

Most often, you'll find we're great source of help and advice in just about any area, from irrigation techniques to healing. The gnomes are some of the brightest, most creative minds around. Wherever there’s a problem, we'll find the solution. We give so much, and ask for so little in return.

when asked about the gnomes.

Terrible, terrible, what happened to him. I will remember Horace Despero as the bravest Gnome I ever had the pleasure to meet. He was one fine, dedicated worker. You don't find that sort of ethic much anymore.

when asked about Horace Despero once you have finished his quest.