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This journal contains detailed reports about the construction of Stonecandle Mine and Allestar Tower.


Stonecandle Mining Log

Among meticulous entries of mining shifts and prismere loads extracted, a handful of personal entries stand out:

3rd Winter, 203: Survey Team Secundus has made a tremendous find - contradictory to our earlier surveys on record, the Stonecandle Caves in Allestar show signs of a rare seam of Prismere. Word and samples have been sent to the Forum in Adessa via secure messenger, and their answer is all but certain - buy the land, start the mines, and tell no one. With everyone focused on the war, nobody'll notice another mine, and we should be able to make a killing.

1st Spring, 204: Templar Octienne not only demanded the establishment of Stonecandle Mine, but has also personally funded construction of a new laboratory in Allestar. This should prevent the nearby town from asking too many questions about the mine, although we still keep a second log, in case of prying eyes. Regrettably, this makes for lax reporting, at best. One can only hope that this will not reflect poorly in our reviews.

2nd Autumn, 207: A new scholar has arrived at Allestar Tower with much fanfare. Word from Octienne is that Fomorous Hugues' research is too important to be interrupted by day-to-day matters - even though he won't tell us what that research is, exactly. Meanwhile, kobolds continue to be a nuisance, ambushing our miners at the mouth of the cavern. We have too few praetorians to handle a pack of the beasts, and there's no way I'm letting them station faer gorta down here. Bad enough chipping away in the dark without one of those crazy bone-men sneaking up on you.

1st Spring, 210: Early tunnels connecting the mines to Allestar Tower are complete. They'll still need shoring up to be stable enough for use, but soon we'll be able to move the prismere straight into the labs, without worrying about kobolds or curious outsiders. Just in time, too - there have been reports of soldiers lurking in the forest nearby. Don't they know the war front is on the other side of the Faelands?


  • This book has no quest attached to it, but it contains some background for the main quest