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As you enter the mine there will be Cripplespore to harvest from on your right. Follow the path into a larger room where the tracks lead to a door, or the path leads to the left. There is more Cripplespore in the large room. Take the left path to a easy lock picking chest, but beware of the trap in front of the chest. There is a dead end on this path, so go back to the tracks and the door in the large room.

Open the door and follow the tracks inside. The tracks will lead to a second door. Past the second door you will be ambushed by four Kobold soldiers. On casual mode and level one this was a tough fight, but you can make it out alive by maneuvering around and taking your shots when you can. Be sure to save your game at the end of the fight.

There is another door at the end of the cavern you fought the Kobolds in. As soon as you enter you fight another Kobold, be sure to loot him when you are done. Follow the path to the right to a lootable cart. This path dead ends so go back to where you fought the lone Kobold and follow the path to the left. There is a "hard" level chest at the dead end. As you head up the path to the left, you will face more Kobolds including a Kobold Savage. Search the area for a lootable cart. The paths circle back around to the beginning or lead to a dead end. Circle around and head out of the mine.