Basic Info
Class Might
  • Battle Frenzy
  • 50 points in Might
    Tier 5
    Levels 5 (+2)
    Type Upgrade
    Your unquenchable rage grants you Physical and Piercing Damage Resistance while Battle Frenzy is active.

    Stoneskin is a Might-based ability that allows the character, after entering a Battle Frenzy, to resist Piercing and Physical damage.

    Levels[edit | edit source]

    There are five levels of this ability. Two more levels can be attained by equipping items with "+1 to all unlocked Might abilities."

    Level Additional Physical and Piercing Resistance
    1 +4%
    2 +8%
    3 +12%
    4 +16%
    5 +20%
    6 +24%
    7 +28%

    Related abilities[edit | edit source]

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