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It was quite a miracle. A number of my order, all drawn by common faith, came to the village, and we showed them salvation.


Strange Merchant is the only known name of a Belen's Testament follower, who is encountered very shortly after entering The Red Marches for the first time. He informs the Fateless One that in the name of his god Belen, he has just wiped out a village full of his own followers. He seems to believe it was in everyone's best interests: he "liberated" them to Belen's "paradise", and the Testament grew closer to receiving Belen's servitor on earth.

He engages the player in battle to the death immediately after their one and only dialogue.


Ah, and the footfalls of another wayfarer grace our ears. I'm delighted. I don't suppose you're traveling through Galette, are you? If so, I would not look too hard for anyone -- there is not much left to find.

when first encountered.

There was fire and blood and screaming. Yes, much screaming... but all for the glory of the great Belen -- praise be to Him!"
We liberated them. Man and woman, Alfar and human. We have delivered them to Belen, to His paradise. In exchange, our coven will welcome the slumbering titan, Belen's beloved servitor, into these lands. But worry not -- for right now, we will show you paradise.

when accused of murder.


His accompanying cultists are known only as "Traveling Merchant" and "Traveling Pilgrim".