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Due to bugs in the game, once you pickup certain items, you are stuck with them and can neither sell nor destroy them.

There are two type of stuck items: those that can be placed in your stash, and those that can't. If you place the items in your stash and then take them out to sell, blacksmith etc. you can't put them back.

Fix for stuck items[]

Below is a personal suggestion made by a user. The Amalur Wiki does not take any responsibility if you choose to use the tools below.

  • For stuck weapons or armors, use "Kingdoms of Amalur (Re-)Reckoning Save Editor"

NOTE: There are 2 versions, one for Re-Reckoning and one for the original.

  • For stuck NON-weapon/armor items, use the "Quest item unstick" script written by weaaddar:


The author of this script made rather simple instructions and you may run into issues, so here is my generous info:

-Download and extract the mod file

-Put "unstick.lua" file in game root directly!! like "D:\Program Files\Kingdoms of Amalur Re-Reckoning\"

-Run the game, switch to f2console, type run('.\unstick.lua'), NOT "run unstick" like the author wrote.

-Back to the game, check your inventory and see if the NON-weapon/armor items can be sold now.

Inventory Only Items[]