Summer Fae
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City and Homeland
Gardens of Ysa, Dalentarth, The Faelands

Summer Fae is a Non-playable race in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. The Fae look very much like mortal humans, but they actually are the embodiment of nature in the physical world. The Summer Fae, also known as the Seelie, represent growth, warmth, and the emergence of life. Free of mortal ambition or desires, the Summer Fae steadfastly play out their role in the Great Cycle.

Though Fae are found throughout the wild places of Amalur, they can most often be found at the Court of Summer in the Gardens of Ysa in Dalentarth. Yet the Fae themselves claim to originate from a realm of pure magic, where no mortal being has gone and returned from.

Government[edit | edit source]

The Summer Fae seem to follow a traditional system of monarchy and the noble ranking system. The Court of Summer is their central government headed by High King Titarion making him the equivalent of an emperor. Aside from The court of summer it appears that the summer Fae are divided in Houses which are their version of a Kingdom and as such lead by a King or Queen who answers only to the High King. Currently only three houses are known.

The Great Cycle[edit | edit source]

All the Fae believe in the Great Cycle. It is through this cycle that Fae are unlike the mortal races. When a Fae dies, their essence is recycled via unknown means, and reborn again into the world. While it is unclear if they retain their memories after this cycle begins again, many Summer Fae take on the Tellings of previous incarnations such as Sir Sagrell or King Wencen.

The Telling[edit | edit source]

Tellings are great deeds that have been achieved by Fae of the Summer Court. These are often immortalized in great ballads, sung by the House of Ballads, that are housed in Lorestones and Fae Cairns. Many Summer Fae find themselves reliving these great ballads identically as they have been told. In this way, the Fae are only immortal in the sense that they are not able to free themselves from this constant repeat of history and find they are unable to cope with the ever-changing world.

Territory[edit | edit source]

Notable Summer Fae[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

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