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Call me a Castellan without a Keep. Within the greater army is a smaller Warsworn force, and that force answers to me


Sverri Kura is a member of the Warsworn and leads their soldiers at Mel Senshir. Although technically not a Castellan, he is treated as one by the other Castellans. He is the brother of Borri Kura. His Role as The Amaldor of the Warsworn means he only has to answer to the Ancient of War most likely to discuss tactical and monetary matters in relation to the Pledgeshields present. Moreover, his role as Amaldor is likely an addition to the title of Castellan for war-bound leaders showing tactical know-how.


If the Fateless One completes the Warsworn faction quest line and sides with them, he will show up at the Hall of the Firstsworn to congratulate him/her achieving the rank of Truesworn.

Otherwise he can be found near the gate at Mel Senshir in Klurikon.



After completing Hall of the Firstsworn:

"So he thought to end the war, did he? I wake and sleep upon the front, and I've never dreamt such a foolish dream."

when asked about Anru Besin

"I've known Gwyn a good many years. Made Pledgeshield on the same day, she and I. Always knew she had greatness in her."

when asked about Gwyn Anwy

"Every spare 'Shield and 'Blade from the Order's keeps come here. Here where death cries as endlessly as the ocean weaves."

when asked about Mel Senshir

"Where there's war, there's Warsworn our war is the soldier's life. It gets under your skin and into your blood, and there it stays."

when asked about Warsworn


  • Sverri has no impact on the major plotline of the game however appears as a miscellaneous character in both the Main Questline and Warsworn: Faction Questline