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Taibreah shares the same visual aesthetic with all other Winter Fae, i.e. her clothing is reminiscent of dead plants and roots with dulled colors and textures.

Her skin is also of a darker shade of purplish-gray and her hair has a cold purple hue to it.


Taibreah is a member of the House of Sorrows and one of the last members capable of delving into Winter Fae and taking away their sorrow.  Bisarane ordered her to assist the Fateless One in his/her endeavors to save their house.

In reality, Taibreah is the reincarnation of the Weeping King, the first king of the Winter Fae and the founder of the House of Sorrows, as well as the creator of the Winter Court.

In order to stop Bisarane from getting the power of the House of Sorrows, known as the Sorrows, Taibreah and the Fateless One travel to Esharra, another plane of existence in between the physical (mortal) and the magical (fae).  When Bisarane is defeated in Esharra, the power of the Sorrows has been tapped in and is starting to go out of control.  Should this happen, the power released would be felt in the physical plane of reality and cause great destruction.  To stop this, Taibreah sacrifices herself to seal the power of the Sorrows.


Taibreah can be found in the main hall of the House of Sorrows.


Taibreah is the reincarnated Weeping King, though she has been alive for around two centuries, she has only been able to tap into her ancient memories after the events of The Weeping King.

She dies at the end of the House of Sorrows quest line in order to stop the power of the Sorrows from being released into the physical world.