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Lavish gilt lettering adorn the cover and opening pages of this small tome.


The Glorious Deeds of Grian Brighthelm

As Dorian of Ballegar of old, let it here be memoried, scribed, and sung: the heroic youth of Grian Brighthelm. Pledged of Shield and Sworn to War by none other than Delfric, sage of the order, young Grian set forth for the Plains to prove his worth and set right a world of wrongs.

In those first years he uncovered the plot of the spider-wights, defeated Ransevin upon Skycrown's peak in single combat, and rescued the Maid of the Arne from Varani cutthrouts. As seen by all, he kissed her hand and bowed before Dolve Arne, and that she gave to him a locket of her hair.

Soon, Grian Brighthelm's fame had spread so far and wide that six notorious brigands made a pact to join arms and do him in. I merchant cart was thieved most brazenly in open day upon the plains when Grian was known to be posted to that route. Just as the six cutthroats had hoped, Brighthelm tracked the trail and came to the secluded spot in Tala-Rane that they had planned. Mitharu smiled on Grian that day, however, for on his way he had crossed a hunting-party come from Rathir, and he bade them encircle the place as he walked in. When the Circle of Six stepped forth to accost Grian Brighthelm, no sooner than they had drawn their swords, than they did find a host or archers, pointing arrows at their backs. All were brought to Justice, and Grian Brighthelm was, within a year's time, made Castellan in honor of his cunning, bravery, and wit.