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Come, be at ease. We won't look down on you.


Tanra Wyvyrn-Gifre is a Dokkalfar noble that lives in the city of Rathir. She is member of one of the Great Houses, the Wyvyrn-Gifre.


She can be found at House of Wyvyrn-Gifre in the Upper City.


Come, be at ease. Wyvyrn-Gifre are not so stiff or haughty as some great houses.

upon your first encounter with her.

It caused enough of a stir that my husband added his name in fron of Gifre. Well, I am proud to share it.

when asked about the Wyvyrn-Gifres.

She is as great beauty as I was, though without as sweet a temper. Still, she may make as good a match in the end.

when asked about her daughter, Maiwen.

There are ten great houses that flank the spire's rise, and two upon its top. One of those is Wyvyrn-Gifre. So do not listen to any idle rumors. I bear no one ill will. If some are too haughty to speak with me, the shame is on their own heads.

when asked about the Great Houses.

She actually seems to believe Rathir should defend itself, and let the rest of the world rot. I'm truly sorry that her son is ill - but would she wish the healers to let him die, because they have no Anwon in their blood?

when asked about Coriana Anwon.

I get so angry when I hear people speak against Rathir's full engagement in the war. It is a disgrace to us all - and before the eyes of our Ljosalfar cousins, too.

when asked about Rathir.

The great families most of all must show their support for it. Everyone looks to us. I cannot understand Coriana Anwon on this point. I ask you: was there ever any doubt what this Gadflow was, or that he must be torn from his throne? Why let him stand?

when asked about The War.