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Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning - Teeth of Naros


Teeth of Naros is the second DLC for Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. Released on April 17, 2012 on Xbox360, PS3, Origin and Steam.

The Teeth of Naros opens up a brand new area, the Teeth of Naros for the Fateless One to explore - initially as part of a four person exploration team to rediscover the legendary land said to be sacred ground to trolls and named after their god. The Fateless One stumbles upon a lost civilization, the Kollossae of the floating city of Idylla, and his or her actions will forever shape the future of these proud beings.


Once the Fateless One agrees to go along Helyc Crosse's expedition, he/she will not be able to return until reaching the floating city of the Kollossae, Idylla. You can fast travel between locations once you reach the Teeth of Naros to locations on the main game map (there will be a lot of items to sell in this area before you reach the floating city of Idylla).






2 new armor sets for each ability branch (total of 6), plus an additional one composed of unique items (total of 3). There are also 2 new unique weapons of every type (2 longswords, 2 bows, 2 staves, etc.), and numerous accessories. The following is a partial list





  • It is recommended that you have your blacksmithing skill leveled up and have obtained as many optional backpacks as you are able to have purchased from merchants before starting this DLC. The amount of loot that you pick up is overwhelming. Greater damage potions are perhaps the highest drop rate on corpses and chests/piles in this area. With your blacksmithing skill high, you will find salvaging the components very helpful in managing your inventory and in crafting better armor and weapons with better components.
  • There is no new stash house in this DLC. Collectors of unique armor sets will have to fast travel away to stash them.
  • The main quest line provides play-style specific rewards. This is based on your attack preferences from when you enter the Teeth, to finishing it. Use of a bow, daggers, faeblades and stealth/backstabbing will increase finesse percentage. Use of staff, chakram, sceptre and magic attacks will indicate sorcery. Might will be indicated by use of longswords, greatswords, hammers, and slottable might abilities  This is important to be aware of if you are looking for a specific quest award.
  • Whether intended or not, it is possible to respawn the entire outside area of Teeth of Naros. No amount of time spent resting outside seems to matter much (and only respawns a few enemies), yet fast traveling to certain points inside the Teeth after enough time will respawn certain sets of things. Traveling to the Earth Shrine respawns some enemies, Hystis' Camp respawns some enemies and chests, traveling to Nyxaros and Nerotelos via map can respawn the Trolls, Njordir's Font respawns lots of lootables... Leaving the Teeth, resting for 4-5 days, and then jumping around inside among the travel points can respawn ALL of the chests, ALL the enemies, ALL the hidden objects and diving points, etc. If one is farming for top-end Primal components, this is a way to acquire hundreds of items for salvaging in a rather short amount of time.


  • (PS3) - Sometimes when attempting to access the sewer system in Idylla, the game freezes, but the PS3 XMB is still accessible. Quitting the game and loading from a previous save is the only way the only way around this issue.
  • (X360/PC) - During The Perpetual Desolations sometimes after finishing "explore the hidden wing" and going back to Secandra, she does not give the next part of the quest. When the Fateless one speaks to the Arkes, he/she will sometimes be "jumped" into Arkes, and will be stuck, the Fateless One will be unable to speak to Arkes as well. Only reloading from previous save can correct this, make sure there are multiple saves the Fateless One can reload from. The quest "School of Hard Knocks" is heavily bugged and will often result in an impossibility to fast travel for the rest of the game, so beware.
  • (PC) - Similar to Her Righteous Fury, the Fateless One will receive a "you cannot fast travel from here" regardless of where he/she is at, trapping the Fateless One in the Teeth of Naros. It is unknown exactly what causes this, as all quests appeared to have been completed properly. Remember to create a backup save before entering the Teeth of Naros. See discussion for further information.
  • The initial quest may fail to activate upon loading the game. This can be fixed by fast-travelling to Allestar Tower and then walking to Gorhart. There is a trigger point next to the first lorestone for downloadable content that will add the quest to your journal.
  • When beginning the Teeth of Naros DLC by entering the passage, Sveri Brond may not run ahead to be killed by traps and therefore the narrative cannot continue and the player is stuck in the passage. This seems to be triggered if the player runs ahead and kills the Pteryx very quickly.
  • If you managed somehow to clear the Southern Passage BEFORE speaking with Helyc, you simply cannot continue the DLC story; Helyc will ignore the corpse and continue to the next room WITHOUT triggering the dialogue about traps. Sveri and the mage will stay near the corpse doing nothing and you will not be able to open the magic door leading to the next passage.