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You have done me a good turn, Warsworn. Therefore, I am more than happy to share some of my considerable wisdom in the art of locks with you.


Tefroy Tarion is a Gnome locksmith. The Fateless One will meet him during the Warsworn quest: 'Lock and Key'. He will come out from his hiding place once you killed all the Fahrlangi that were searching for him. He will offer to teach you something about the art of locksmithing since you rescued him. You can prompt him to tell you that it was Pledgeshield Fenan for who he made the key for, thus ending his part in the quest. He will remain in his smithy so you can come back to him for lockpick training.


He can be found at the Locksmith of Tirin's Rest, within Galafor Plain.



Once you have killed all the Fahrlangi Cultists that were looking for him:

Are they gone? Hello? Is somebody there?
Thank goodness, they're gone.
I see I have you to thank - you and my clever hiding place. Can't imagine what those churls were after. They kept barking on about "the Warsworn" this and "lill me" that. But now, tell me, what can I do to repay you? A brief lesson in the art of locks, perhaps?

upon your first encounter with him.

Louts and fools! I could see they wanted blood, so I dove for my hiding place. And not a moment too soon!

when asked about the "Ruffians."

One of my finest ideas. I built it precisely for times like these.

when asked about the Hiding Place.

What? Do you mean it didn't work? This is one of my greatest achievements. I recreated that ancient marvel perfectly! I promised that Pledgeshield - Fenan, that was her name - I promised her... Surely she had permission, yes? She swore to me... oh... I see.

when asked: Can you tell me about this key?

For Pledgeshield Fenan, yes.

when asked: So, it was you who copied this key?

The original? Truly an ancient wonder. Surely the combined work of Warsworn craftsmen and luminaries of the Scholia Arcana.

when asked about the Warsworn Key.

Now, if you will see yourself out, I have a mess to clean up.