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The Templar Caste is one of the three castes of the gnomish people. They basically have complete control over gnomish society as they control the Domus Politica. As such, the Templar's are the patrons of all the art, science and military achievements of the other two castes in their society, and very political.

They are very competitive with others in their caste, and though they tend to be very rigid with their rules, they allow those they support as much latitude as possible in order to get a project done. Those who are more radical with their approach are often taken to discreet locations to ensure no prying eyes observe their actions. Because of this, a Templar's standing within their caste depend on those they support; the more prestigous the Scholar or Praetorian the more influence the Templar has over other Gnomes.


The majority of the Templar's live in Adessa, but they will leave the safety of the city to check or oversee important projects of those they support.



The Templar Caste was constantly fighting for power and influence with the Auspice Caste until the latter was massacred.

Though they were saddened by the events of the Auspice massacre, they quickly took advantage of the vacuum in power.

It was actually a drunk Templar, who leaked the information that lead to the massacre of the entire Auspice Caste.

The Templar's are pragmatist, they have a rigid set of rules to follow, though they aren't afraid to get their hands dirty... well... other gnomish hands.