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I sponsor many of the scholars of physiology and humeral applications in the Basilica Gnostra. With all that's happening, the world will need healers.


Templar Montainel is a member of the Templars. Montainel is the Intermediate Persuasian Trainer.


She will be located in Forum in Adessa Isles until you finish the quest Under Watch. Upon completion, she will move to the bar, upstairs, in the Hospitalis Quarters.




You are welcome to walk the Isles, but please be respectful. The buildings here house the pinnacles of gnomish society: knowledge and law.
Well, there is much work left to be done to the Isles, but I can assure you that one day, Adessa will shine brighter than the sun.
This city will be a beacon to all of the other races, to let them know of our artistry, our resilience, and our mastery of knowledge and magic.

when asked about Adessa

The art of rhetoric is essential for any Templar to master. And, of course, I excel at it more than anyone. But such knowledge is better shared, agreed?

when asked about Persuasion Training

The Templars are the leaders of the gnomish people. We are many, and sometimes at odds. But we have the goodness of our people -- all peoples in our hearts.

when asked about Templars