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I am a Guardian of the Cradle, tasked with protecting this wondrous place, our great inheritance. Few mortals know how vital the Cradle of Summer is to all life. If necessary I will sacrifice myself to insure that the magic here is kept safe. You have jeopardized that mission.


Terenia is a Summer Fae, Guardian of the Cradle, sworn to protect the Cradle of Summer claiming that the it is vital to all life. She greets you when you trigger the quest 'Floodgates'.


Terenia can be found at the Deep Slumber in the center of the Cradle of Summer.



You have absolutely no idea what you've done, do you? Mortals, always trying to take something. Thanks to you, the barrier is broken, and the magic weakens. If we do not act swiftly, the Cradle of Summer will be lost.

upon your first encounter with her.

It is most notable where the power of Esharra spills into our world, our sacred wellsprings: the Font in the Gardens of Ysa, the Cradle of Summer, and Caer Elatha. The flow has weakened, slowing the Great Cycle. But I don't need to see the fonts to know that all is lost. I can feel it in my being - deep, where the seasons die.

when asked about the Decline of Magic.

It is from this earth where the Summer Fae are said to have sprung, fully-formed, eternal flowers that never fade. For many seasons our kind have fought to protect the Cradle of Summer and its importance in the Great Cycle.

when asked about the Cradle of Summer.

The Cradle of Summer is a blessed place, and we must protect it from those that wish to make such power their own. My barrier served its purpose for many seasons, but magic everywhere has been in decline. Your disturbance of the Lorestones destroyed the barrier. You are responsible.

when asked: What happened?

All of this world's power flows from the wilds of Esharra, and there are places where it touches us directly. Our power comes from this single source, drifting in the air around us, alight on the surface. We protect the Cradle with a magical barrier, but now that you've tainted the Lorestones, I must sacrifice my own power to replace what was lost.

when asked: Why must I do this?

Then come. I will restore the barrier at the font, but you must protect me. The wild Fae will be here soon. This is the chance they've been waiting for.

if chosen the response: I will help restore the barrier.

Once you've killed all the wild Fae:

I... I am so weary, but it is done, and the Cradle is safe once more. You have done what is right, and I am pleased to give you this talisman as a symbol of my thanks. Perhaps the first ones spoke the truth... that the fonts are running dry, that things are finite after all. For that is how I feel at this moment: drained of all life. An odd sensation this... dying. Maybe there is something to mortality after all...