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This small book is a volume of The Adventure, a famed journey through the Winter Fae lands.


The Words of Solen Reimgar as Chronicled by Parthalan

"What, the Fae? 'It watches us, you say, you think it's waiting for us.' 'Shall we try to speak to it?' No, there is no reasoning with these creatures. Would you reason with a wolf? I have heard of this guardian, Callis Dren. It defends this land and is invulnerable. We will have to find a way around, or trickery. What? Fine, go back, leave me like the rest of the cowards. No, I did not lead you astray, they were not strong enough, either in arms to say alive, or in conviction to brave their fears. I will continue, and you should too. You're just as likely to perish trying to make your way back."