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This small book is a volume of The Adventure, a famed journey through the Winter Fae lands.


The Words of Solen Reimgar as Chronicled by Parthalan

"My brave companions, we have witnessed the horrors of this place. Our fallen friends know it too well. This is why we came, to face these monsters and deal with them as heroes, which is what you are, all of you. Already we have finished more than most have started. We could turn back now and be the greatest mortals the faelands have ever known. These are true legends we are creating, each and every one of you. I hold it against no woman or man, Alf or human, should she or he wish to turn back now. Spinning Tom? I wish the fortunes and health of all the world unto you. For me, it is a disservice to our dead to turn back now, and it is in their name I must continue."