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A young woman named Marga is out in the forest in the region of Lorca Rane. She can be found at a small campsite northwest of Warden's Bridge She was walking with her boyfriend when he was dragged behind some bushes. She believed her grandmother's stories that people can be turned into animals, and is frightened to think that her boyfriend may have turned into an antelope. She asks the Fateless One to find evidence in favor or otherwise.


Pres antilope

Dead antelope used to fool Marga.

The quest leads you to a set of ruins where you find several Jottun. There is a small campfire that you can examine in order to find the boyfriend's silver necklace (used as proof that he turned into an antelope), also in the immediate area are two Jottun guarding a cage holding a prisoner. He was captured as he tried to make a run for it from Marga because she wants to get married and have children.

He said that he was not ready for that kind of commitment and asks to let him free and not tell this to her. From the ruins, travel back to the young woman and tell her your findings, in favor of the antelope, or the more believable explanation. With a successful persuasion check you can tell her to go home and forget about him. All said and done, you receive XP (but no Gold)  and a random enchanted ring.


  • If you choose to tell Marga that he was eaten by a Jottun she will simply run off, giving no reward.