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  • Find the Aster amulets
  • Find the remaining amulet
  • Merge the amulets
  • Uncover the Aster Inheritance

Quest Giver[]

You can begin this quest by acquiring either of the two Aster twin's Amulets from their respective graves, or by finding the scroll Finding the Aster Inheritance in Corgan Hold (towards the end of the hold, on the corpse behind the "hard"-locked gate).

Heric Aster's Grave[]

Heric Aster's Grave is located South, South-West of Helmgard Keep, against the Western base of Skycrown mountain. Once you're in the area you'll be able to spot the chest sitting at the foot of one of the small thin trees in the area. There will also be a Eel Petal plant and an Embereyes plant a couple of feet away on either side of it. Note that the Graves may be hard to notice due to the fact that they are just large stones. The bright background of the cliffs can make the quest arrow difficult to notice, though at night it is much easier to spot. An easier way to note the location is to travel directly EAST from Castor Redhand's camp. Or, travel north along the Eastern cliff wall where you meet Archsage Jubal Caledus and are ambushed (three overturned carts and corpses). Once you have activated this tombstone, the second (and vice versa) is shown on your minimap. However, the other grave is "guarded" by Ettin and Ettin Shaman who can be very daunting depending on your level when you enter the area.

Bodan Aster's Grave[]

Bodan Aster's Grave is located South of Dolve Wayle in the Tala-Rane section of the Plains of Erathell. The grave is particularly difficult to spot due to the fact that it's nestled in a corner on the north side of an old caste wall. There is a bright Edelweiss plant in the same area as the grave which may be easier to spot first. Additionally there is a Tala-Rane Lore stone nearby too. This grave is "guarded" by several Ettin and Ettin Shaman who will not show on your minimap until they detect your presence, even at Detect Hidden Mastery level. Be careful retreating as you can move into the detection and attack range of several other roaming Ettin and Ettin Shaman. Fighting the first several on the hill can be very difficult as the land level bug makes ranged attacks tend to go into the ground below or not hit your enemies. The grave is right around the corner, however, if you continue to the Lorestone, you will trigger Jottun and Jottun Runelord spawning and attacking.

"This grave contains an amulet with this inscription; "To claim the birthright of Aster, it must be shared. Where one amulet offers nothing, the pair will reveal the key to my treasures.""

Enton Aster's Grave[]

"The amulets hum with ancient magic in your hand. In a moment, they are gone, replaced with a key around which is wrapped a small paper -- a map of Tala-Rane. This map may be used to find the locations of the Aster Strongboxes."

Aster Strongboxes[]

  • Three strongboxes are found outdoors in Tala-Rane. The southeastern most strongbox is in a hook back cul-de-sac guarded by multiple Ettin and Ettin Shaman. Several will respawn, blocking your way out after you open the strongbox. Another strongbox is on the southwest side of the exterior of Dolve Wayle, and another is due south of Corgan Hold near the jump-down point.
  • One strongbox is in Dolve Wayle. Where you must go for the Bell, Book and Candle Quest.
  • One strongbox is in Corgan Hold. (where Ratofer's Charter lies for the quest Ratofer's Pawns)


Once you have acquired one of the amulets and successfully begun the quest, proceed to the grave site of the remaining brother to retrieve the second amulet. Once you have both, follow the quest marker to the grave stone of their father, Enton Aster, where you will be given the option to merge the two amulets together. Upon arriving at Enton's grave you will be ambushed by four Faer Gorta. Kill them and activate the grave.

You will now receive The Aster Key, along with the Aster Map. Activate the map from the Items section of your inventory to view the locations of the Aster Strongboxes on your map.

  • Note that the map works the same way as the Whistle does in the What Lies Beneath quest, where it only allows the map markers to appear temporarily. Unlike the Whistle however you're unable to map it to your Radial so you'll have to keep accessing your inventory to activate it.

Once you have acquired the treasure from all five of the Aster Strongboxes, you will have successfully completed the quest, as a result the Aster Key and Map will be removed from your inventory and you get an XP reward (quest completion).