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"The Ballad of the Bloody Bones" is a poem from the Ettinmere set of Lorestones.

The Ballad of the Bloody Bones[]

A Valiant Knight:

Lord Farrara, valiant warrior,
Destroyer of Enfamanir, Duke of the Hylarans,
Protector of the Ring of Keozai,
Discoverer of the island of Meropis...
Were he only to meet a better end.

The Ardent Lover:

So brief his term among our Court,
And so virile his living,
He is fervor embodied, he is vitality,
He rescued Princess Luna to take as his own,
King of Strand, Prince of Passion.

A Ruined Fae:

So simply Famor, so formidably Bloody Bones,
Once companions to Ysa, now enemy to the Court.
Once lover of Aera, then bringer of death.
Now forever in decay, forever cursed,
Never to enter the Great Cycle, forever alone.

The Contest:

Such antipathy between them, Farrara and Famor,
Farrara filled with life in bloom,
And the Bloody Bones with rot and scorn.
How terrible is their grapple,
When they both meet their ends.

Noble in Sacrifice:

Lord Farrara, lover of Summer, but more a lover of Luna,
His sacrifice so unexpected, yet so fitting,
Forfeiting himself so that she may survive,
His cycle is ended, and so weep the maidens,
For the most august lover, most exalted hero.

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