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Drewn Ansilla cannot take his place on the throne until he can prove his legitimacy. To do this he needs the Verdant Blades and the Seal of Ansilla, both locked in a family lock box. The key to the lock box is held by Hillared Gastyr, Drewn's rival and childhood sweetheart.


Talk to Drewn Ansilla who can be found at the Ansilla Camp in the north-western part of the southern Caeled Coast. He will ask you to get him two symbols of his position from his castle.

Acquiring the Ansilla Key[]

  • Hillared Gastyr can be found in Castle Gastyr, located in the South-West part of the Northern region of the Caeled Coast.
  • In order to get the key the Fateless One must choose the dialogue option about Drewn Ansilla or the Ansilla key (Note: Hillared's dialogue choice box has a scroll bar - without scrolling down, you cannot see the Ansilla Key dialogue option).
    • Obtaining the key requires a successful persuasion check.
    • Alternatively, the Fateless One can return to Drewn Ansilla to get his ring as proof that Drewn is alive.
    • The key cannot be pickpocketed off her, but Drewn's ring can be pickpocketed off of him to prove he's alive. An easy way to do that is drinking phasewalk potions (quality doesn't matter.), rendering you invisible for a limited time. 

Retrieving the Blades and the Seal[]

  • The items are located in the fortress of Seawatch, in the eastern region of Southern Caeled Coast.
    • There are three Ansilla Family Lockboxes. The key is removed when this quest ends and any unopened lockboxes will be inaccessible.

Return to Drewn[]



  • If you do the quest Ghosts of Seawatch, the Ansilla Family Lockbox will be filled 3 times after the quest is finished. So if the Fateless One opens all three boxes, then two copies of the Seal/Chakram will remain in the inventory and cannot be removed through normal ways. To remove it, see stuck items. - So it's also recommended to open the box, but only take other items each time, and after you finished Ghosts of Seawatch, then loot the content of Ansilla Family Lockbox completely.
  • Similarly, if you do not intend to use Drewn's Ring to exchange for the Ansilla Key, do NOT get it from Drewn, either by asking for it or by pickpocketing it. Drewn's Ring is a quest item, not an accessory, and it cannot be removed through normal ways. To remove it, see stuck items.
  • The Verdant Blades are weak infrequent chakrams (that cannot be salvaged.)
  • If you get side-tracked once you've started this quest and complete other quests in the meantime, Drewn Ansilla will not be found at Ansilla Camp to pickpocket. Instead, go to Castle Ansilla - he will be inside the doorway on the right.
  • In case you don't have a Phasewalk Potion handy, it doesn't matter if you get caught pickpocketing him - just run away from the angry Drewn and exit the castle to continue the quest. When you return, he'll thank you and reward just the same.
  • Phasewalk potions, which are randomly sold in each of the Traveler's Camps (MoonStar and Sun), can be brewed using alchemy workbench. Click the following link how to make a Minor Phasewalk potion for more information.
  • The Phasewalk potions are always available at the merchant/fence located in the lower level of Rathir, two at a time and after awhile they respawn in her inventory.