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The Borrowed Land[]

The mortals marched unto our golden plains.
Fair folk some, and dusty others, they found the rocks and risings of this land pleasing.
They asked for it, but it was not ours to give.
Cleaving stone and burning root, they made a kingdom for themselves, and named it 'Tala-Rane.'

Two Heirs, Two Brothers[]

To rock they brought their castles. To field they brought their grain.
We watched them form this land to their desire, but not to their wish.
What peace they sought came with blade and fortress.
But all seemed calm, until a king -- a father -- died with two heirs, strong and able.

The Fall of Tala-Rane[]

As the seasons warn each year, the time to build is followed by a time for ruin.
Two sons of the mortal king were left with Tala-Rane betwixt them, but neither held his share complete.
And as these mortals build their kingdom, so too had they had destroyed it all with war and jealousies.

The Remains[]

The mortals fought over the castles and hills.
The servants of the Aster clan divided the remains between them. They called themselves Ratofer, Kents, and Scaiths.
They hid their rocks and metal under their castles and called them home.
They hoarded treasures, and watched the seasons wear their stone walls, and their wills.

The Mark of Mortal Sins[]

Now the vales and dells of Tala-Rane stand abandoned.
The once great citadels that stood in triumph now lie in ruins.
Once pure they have left the land, and with it, the mark of mortal sins.

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