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Sihtric Vorm has told me to meet him at the Fae Hollow of Rundamir. It is the largest brownie den in the Sidhe, and Sihtric feels that we will discover the cause of the ambushes there.



It's a dungeon with plenty of enemies, so prepare with some supplies (e.g. by doing easier side missions). Brownies are killed easily with area of effect attacks or ranged attacks like Longbows and Chakram. For the Crudok boss, you will want to hit it with something heavy ... or blast it with arrows, chakram, or spellcraft. Once the Crudoc is slain, the mission is completed (level-dependant Gold and XP, Sihtric Vorm will leave on his own).

It is possible to fully explore Rundamir prior to accepting this quest from Sihtric Vorm. In this way you can clear all Brownies first and if you return before the map respawns them, you will only have to deal with the Crudok.