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Although they gained the ability to harness magic and increased their influence in the Age of Arcana, the Almain endured severe hardships in an era of blight and turmoil known as the Age of Ruin. Fighting bravely, their society nearly fractured in the battle against forces of darkness.

Chaos loosened its grip at last when the Kollossae joined forces with the Ljosalfar to assist the Almain. With their armies under the command of the astute Vangoldt the Great, the Almain helped usher Amalur into the Age of Enlightenment.

The Almain and their allies then formed the Concordance, an organization dedicated to order, valor, and mutual prosperity and defense. Immediately following the founding of the Concordance, the humans worked hard to reestablish themselves as one of Amalur's great kingdoms, enjoying a time of growth, learning, and development.