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Its icon features the crystal Belmaid shatters in the ballad.


Strength and Weakness[]

The Kingdom cursed by Maid's dread hand,
When all were doomed to sleep,
The lovely Belmaid rescued all,
Despite her cause to weep.

And why did Belmaid cry, you ask?
her king, Wencen, was ill.
The evil Maid of Windemere
Had tried to break his will.


She took the cloak of Amman's make
And crept through Summer's End,
To break the seal of magic's veil,
Airor's love she'd pretend.

Seduced by Belmaid's false love,
Sir Airor let her through,
Then Belmaid did cloak herself,
When Castle she did view.

The End of Summer[]

Around the Castle were the Fae,
Who lulled to sleep from song,
The Maid would make an army here,
Some hundreds, thousands strong.

And like the rakish Sir Sagrell,
Belmaid snuck through entranced glade,
And found the source of evil there,
A crystal of the Maid.

To Disenthrall[]

A mighty Fae hammer she took in hand,
And, singing like the lark,
She ended the enchanting haze,
That deepened in the dark.

The creatures freed, released from spell,
Became savage once more.
The crystal posed a threat to Fae.
Belmaid had to smash the ore.

Kingdom Uncursed[]

The Maid was thwarted once again,
This time by Belmaid's might.
A House of Ballads heroine,
Who brought to darkness, light.

She may be queen of Wencen's throne,
But learn you well this tale,
A woman's strength lies not in men,
But where men often fail.

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