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The Cynric family has been running a dangerous kidnapping and racketeering operation out of their family mine. I've accepted the task of terminating them. I can find them at the Cynric mine to the south of Whitestone.


  • Acquire the quest by taking the entry labeled "The Cynrics" from The Bone Wall quest board in Whitestone.
  • The Cynric Quarry is located directly south of Whitestone.
  • There are several Cynric Outlaws outside the quarry entrance and a handful more inside the tunnels. The last batch spawn after the Fateless One reaches the end of the tunnel.
  • The reward can be claimed from Hera Orhelm once the outlaws are dead (XP and Gold, both level based ~250 and 740 at level 30).


  • After visiting the Cynric Quarry during the Bone Town quest, this quest may become bugged preventing you from turning it in. Just travel to the Quarry and walk all the way to the end of the mine. When you turn around 3 Cynric Outlaws will spawn and attack you. Upon killing them you will be able to return to Hera Orhelm and claim your reward.