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The Darkvari family has been menacing the gnomes and their shipments from Adessa, helping to turn Apotyre into a region of lawlessness and murder. I've accepted the task of terminating them. I can find them at their family mine to the southwest of Whitestone.


  • Acquire the quest by taking the entry labeled "Darkvari Family" from The Bone Wall quest board in Whitestone.
  • The Darkvari Mine is located just west of Whitestone.
  • There are 5 Darkvari Outlaws outside the entrance plus a handful more inside.  Two(2) giant rats can also be found in a side passage.
  • The reward can be claimed from Hera Orhelm once the mine is clear (XP and Gold, both level based ~250 and 740 at level 30).


  • The mine also needs to be visited during the Runaways quest and it is therefore a good idea to start both quests before heading for the mine.